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SLHCC Fantasy League 2018

Hi All,

With the league season now just under 3 weeks away, its time for all you budding Fantasy League managers to start drafting up your squad for the 2018 season!

Normal rules apply regarding team selection and team budgets.

Attached below is the Players List and also the Entry Form

Cost per team is £10 with the prizes being split once we have the final amount of entry's submitted (Last years winning pot was £100!)
Prizes will be allocated to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Last Place along with Manager of the Month awards.

I need all teams in by Friday 11th May. Any team submitted after this date will not score any points for the weekends that have already been played (You will pick up points from games played AFTER you have submitted your team)

Any questions or concerns then please let me know




Weekly League Updates will added below to allow anyone within the club to view how they are doing.

Weekly emails are sent to all of the people who entered a team!

FL2018 Update Week 1.xlsx   -   FL2018 Update Week 2.xlsx   -   FL2018 Update Week 3.xlsx

FL2018 Update Week 4.xlsx  -  FL2018 Update Week 5.xlsx   -   FL2018 Update Week 6.xlsx

FL2018 Update Week 7.xlsx   -   FL2018 Update Week 8.xlsx   -   FL2018 Update Week 9.xlsx

FL2018 Update Week 10.xlsx  -  FL2018 Update Week 11.xlsx  -  FL2018 Update Week 12.xlsx

FL2018 Update Week 13.xlsx  -  FL2018 Update Week 14.xlsx


SLHCC Fantasy League 2018 - Player List
SLHCC Fantasy League 2018 Application Form

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